miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017


Gurdjieff [to Blonde]: By the way, I have just noticed something. A half hour has passed; I remember that a little while ago you had the same color as your sister. Since half an hour you have grown pale. Blonde, you have remained the same as before. Your sister has paled. It is very possible that on her right or on her left is seated a vampire who is draining her. That can be found up to fifty-four centimeters to the right or left.

Questioner: I don't believe that she is a vampire. I'm even sure she's not.

Gurdjieff: You must never be sure. That proves that you don't know what a vampire is. Vampirism is a science. It can be practiced unconsciously. Medical science does not know about it. For example, you are husband and wife. She is as thin as this, and you are like that. Three months later, he is thin like this, she is fat like that. Or the contrary. Or between brother and sister. Or two friends. Six months later everything has changed. Unconsciously. Vampirism exists consciously and unconsciously. Here where we are happens a certain vampirism. It is a very explainable law. We are all around the table. There is a chain connecting everyone. If I take the hand of my neighbor and we all hold hands, I can drain the doctor until she dies of it. Perhaps it is she who, not looking like a vampire, is just that. I don't know. It would be necessary to examine the questions in order. I see the fact. If it happens that I notice something more, I make a note of it. If twice, I remark it. If three times, it is for me a fact. Then I study seriously and specially. The first time might be an accident; I perceive it, but it is once, I say nothing. I see it a second time. So I pay attention, I look for the reason, and if it happens a third time then I study it specially.

~ George Gurdjieff "Paris/Wartime Meetings"

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