jueves, 1 de agosto de 2013

Peter Brook talks with Charlie Rose

1. The place of music, how one can be touched by the melody.
2. The place of human movement.
3. How music can lift everything to a new and more positive level.
4. The role of The Listening.
5. How the life of the present moment is the heart of everything.
6. How the larger Silence unfolds in the moment.
7. How the acute Silence is the opposite of the deadly ordinary silence.
8. Thoughts on Shakespeare as a manager of a group of actors.
9. How every moment counts.
10. How Shakespeare and DaVinci were relatively simple people from the country and not snobs at all.
11. How the Stanislavsky acting technique took 40 years to develop.
12. How magical events happen in the spur of the moment.
13. Explores the erroneous myth of the artist as a breed apart.
14. Explores the moment when you're free.....when the flow is going thru you.
15. How the moment and flow FIND YOU.....you don't FIND IT.
16. How television is the main cultural force in the world today.
17. Every single drop of good quality counts.


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